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Come to the table!

Why not counter the traditional Holiday image with something a little fresher and dress up an old custom in a completely new way? Rosenthal combines the spirit of a modern Holiday with warm and sugary fairytale flair and interprets the festive season away from the usual color combinations in a modern coat of deep red tones and delicate pastel pink, creating an atmospheric Holiday scene.

Festively decked out

To make the Junto d├ęcors Rose Quartz, Soft Shell and Bronze shine, accessories such as linen tablecloth, napkins, candles and floral decorations were chosen in dark red tones. The elegantly shaped glasses from the Turandot collection and matte gold cutlery (Sambonet) add extra sparkle.

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Oh thou joyful...

Whether waffles, biscuits or gingerbread, the Holiday season offers all kinds of delicacies. Together with friends and family, this time can be celebrated in a culinary way - ideally at a beautifully set coffee table! With numerous plate sizes, small bowls, cups and mugs for every favourite drink, the Junto collection offers everything a foodie's heart desires.

Holiday Teatime

The organically shaped Junto teapot is an absolute eye-catcher at the Holiday get-together with pastries and cakes. The striking contrast between the stoneware collections Rose Quartz and Bronze adds a touch of excitement to the table.






Sweet artwork
Delicious macarons, red grapes and pomegranates come together here to create a sensual tableau.
In high spirits
If you are in the mood for sparkling drinks, you can serve up a touch of vintage glamour with the stylish Turandot champagne bowls.



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Happy Holidays to You and Your Family!

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