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Brillance Grand Air

The floral décor »Grand Air« of the Swiss textile designer Regula Stüdli is as light and fresh as a nature experience in fresh air.

A feast for all senses

As if blown by the wind and combined by nature into a multicoloured flower ensemble, spicy herbs and edible blossoms arranged in small bunches, scattered loosely or arranged in circles to form ornaments, float freely over the »Brillance« form and merge with it to form a sensual whole.

The almost transparent porcelain body underlines the elegance and lightness of the graceful floral décor. Place, dinner and bread plates as well as saucers in soft sage green provide freshness and tranquillity and contrast with the white bone china. Grand Air is a delightful play with nature and a feast for all the senses. 

Herbs & Wildflowers

Fragrant herbs such as rosemary, thyme and lavender, bright meadow flowers such as nasturtium and marigold combined with the filigree beauty of cosmea, come together with other edible wild flowers such as cornflower, pansies and daisies in the picturesque flowerbed.

Place, dinner and bread plates as well as saucers in soft sage green provide freshness and tranquillity and contrast with the white bone china.

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About the designer

Designer Regula Stüdli is one of Switzerland’s best-known textile designers. After studying at the University of Art and Design in Zurich, she went on to work in creative design at the renowned Swiss textiles company Jakob Schlaepfer for over a decade. Since July 2012, Regula Stüdli has been self-employed and has been creating motifs, symbols and decorative designs that are bursting with vitality for fashion companies and the interior design sector. For Rosenthal, she has already developed the popular designs Brillance Fleurs Sauvages and Brillance Fleurs des Alpes.

Premium Bone China

The luminous and graceful floral décors are shown to their best advantage on the bone china collection "Brillance". In addition to the particularly fine, translucent body, this type of porcelain has the great advantage that the glaze is fired at significantly lower temperatures than hard porcelain.

This means that far more decorative colours can be used, which are also unusually intense - such as red or purple. The perfect canvas, then, for Regula Stüdli's colour-intensive decors!

Fancy some more floral dreams?

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In addition to the new "Grand Air" décor, Regula Stüdli also created the popular "Fleurs Sauvages" and "Fleurs des Alpes" décors for Rosenthal.

Now all you have to do is decide...we never said it would be easy!

Brillance Grand Air

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