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How to create the perfect brunch table setting

Brunch is a great way to entertain guests, catch up with friends, or enjoy a lazy weekend morning with family. Setting up a brunch table doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Here are some tips to make your brunch table look beautiful and welcoming.

1. Choose a theme

First, consider your decor and theme. Do you want a modern, sleek design or something glamorous with white and gold accents? Or are you going for a fresh, garden-inspired vibe with colorful floral centerpieces? Maybe you want a more traditional look with vintage dishes and tea cups.

Setting a theme for your brunch will make it easier to plan the menu and table decorations. For example, a romantic French-themed brunch could include croissants, quiche, and a cheese platter, while a spring-themed brunch could feature pastel colors and spring flowers.

Whatever your style, choose a cohesive theme and match your decorations accordingly.

2. Choose a color scheme

Pick a color scheme that complements your theme. Pastels are perfect for spring and summer, while rich jewel tones work well for fall and winter brunches. You can't go wrong with classic white as it is suitable for any season, topic or theme.

When considering tablecloths, napkins, and other decor items, you have the option to choose the same colors or go with a complementary one to create highlights on your table.

3. Set the Table

Depending on the size of your brunch party, you’ll need to decide if you want to use a large table or a smaller table. Don’t overcrowd the table; it’s better to have more space for food and drinks.

Think about the practical details. Set the table with plates, bowls, and utensils in a way that allows plenty of space for guests to enjoy their meal. Use a table runner down the center of the table, and place a floral centerpiece or several smaller arrangements along it.

4. Add Centerpieces

A centerpiece is a great way to anchor the table and add an extra touch of elegance. You could use a vase of fresh flowers, a decorative bowl of fruit, or a collection of candles. The centerpiece should be low enough to allow for easy conversation across the table.

For a spring or summer brunch, add a vibrant burst of color with fresh flowers. Choose seasonal blooms like peonies, roses, or hydrangeas in shades of pink, green, or gold. A simple centerpiece can be created by arranging flowers in a bowl or vase. For a more traditional or vintage look, add lace doilies or a floral table runner. 

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5. Serve the food

Arrange the food on platters or trays and place them on the table. Make sure everything is easily accessible to guests to avoid crowding.

Don't be afraid to get creative. Consider a DIY taco bar or build-your-own pizza station. These interactive meal ideas are perfect for larger groups and take the pressure off the host to prepare everything ahead of time. 

It is also a very creative idea to incorporate the food into your decor as well! A bowl of colorful fruit such as strawberries or oranges can create a bright and fresh pop of color on the table.

6. Don't forget the drinks

Mimosas, Bloody Marys, coffee, tea, and orange juice are popular brunch drinks. A pitcher of water and a carafe of milk would also be appreciated by your guests.

A bottle of Champagne or Prosecco on ice along with juices and other drink options can be arranged nicely with glasses.

For a more relaxed gathering with friends or family, consider setting up a tea station with vintage teapots and cups. This adds a cozy and inviting element to your table. 

7. Decoration and personal touch

Napkins can be folded creatively and placed in either the center of each plate or in a bowl with the utensils. DIY name tags made out of white cardstock or seasonal leaves can be fashioned and placed on the rim of each plate as well.

Don't forget about holiday-specific decorations, such as Christmas centerpieces or Mother's Day-inspired decor. And for a more eco-friendly approach, consider using green decor or incorporating items from your garden into your tablescape.

Finally, add some finishing touches to make the brunch table even more special. Light some candles in complementary scents, or attach small, thoughtful gifts such as holiday ornaments or petite jars of jam at each table setting. Let your friends and family enjoy the beautiful table and great meal, but before everyone digs in, take a photo of your masterpiece to capture the inspiration for your next brunch gathering.

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