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Inscription with Festive Celebration on drak blue background, next to a table festively set with Rosenthal TAC Festive Celebration plates on a grey tablecloth

Everyone around one table:

Holiday season with Rosenthal

White porcelain on dark fabric. Fine linen napkins and filled glasses. Golden accents and flickering candlelight. The table as an invitation: "Come in. Sit down with us. And chat!" That's what the end of the year is all about: the opportunity to come together. Listening and asking questions. Reflecting on twelve eventful, fulfilling and sometimes challenging months together. With festive tableware from Rosenthal, you create the perfect setting for this.

Festive tableware from Rosenthal

For memorable moments

Whether Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year's Eve. At the end of the year, there are many occasions to come together at a generously set table. Let us cultivate lively relationships. And have passionate conversations. Now. Create a festive atmosphere with TAC Festive Celebration for unforgettable moments.

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Special treasures for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season:

The tableware series from Versace and Swarovski

Create a scandi style table setting with Loft

The popular Scandinavian “hygge" style embodies a feeling of warmth, cosiness and well-being, combining a feel-good atmosphere with clean Scandi design. People from northern Europe love to celebrate the Holiday season with mulled wine, candlelight and delicious pastries, and so do we! Create that special mood and enjoy fulfilling moments with good food and drink, friends and family, in an ambience of natural decorations and warm candlelight. Whether it's a festive dinner with a group of friends and family, or a small coffee morning for sharing pastries with our closest friends: a beautifully set table with a Nordic look brings a cozy, "hygge" feeling to the Holiday season.

Festive tableware from Rosenthal

Dinner is served!

For the big feast or a cozy supper with sharing plates for family and friends: the Thomas Loft collection will inspire you to design your own perfect table setting and combine shapes and colours according to your taste. The plates, bowls and dishes are just what you need to create a beautiful spread of culinary delights large and small. The combination of white and coloured designs will transform your table setting into an elegant eye-catcher, perfect for creating cozy festive memories with your loved ones.

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Thomas Clay

Inspired by Nature

Natural materials, calm colours and clear shapes - the Clay collection also scores on the Holiday table and corresponds to our longing for a reduced and relaxed look.

Thomas Clay focuses on naturalness

Thomas Clay caresses the senses: the haptic highlight is the trendy grooved structure; the natural colour glazes radiate naturalness and are given a special touch by the design. A collection made for relaxing from the hustle and bustle of everyday life...The five colours Earth, Sky, Rock, Smoke and Rust bring nature to the table - whether tone-in-tone or individually combined.

Tips and Ideas

How to set the perfect Thanksgiving table

Are you looking for new inspiration for your Thankgiving table setting? We have some good advices! Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering for close family or throwing a larger feast for friends, these ideas will help you create a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting.

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"Consumer articles and objects of art have only maintained their cultural and material value over the centuries if they were designed as contemporary objects of their era – but never as imitations. We therefore only work with artists and designers who may well represent differing directions, but have all dedicated themselves to designing contemporary originals of our times."

Philip Rosenthal, 1962


Rosenthal has continually developed its collections to meet the requirements of global markets and modern consumers. Each of the successful Rosenthal brands, including the Rosenthal studio-line with design oriented, avant-garde services and objects of art in porcelain and glass, the Rosenthal classic with its timelessly beautiful, elegant porcelain collections and Thomas, the "Trend Factory" with design oriented consumer porcelain, offers contemporary and high quality products. The extensive product range is complemented by the lifestyle collection Rosenthal meets Versace with its luxurious porcelain services and exclusive gift ideas.


Over 140 years an extraordinary, richly diverse company has grown in the town of Selb/Upper Franconia, that today is one of the leading suppliers worldwide for contemporary, innovative design for the tabletop, home interiors and gift areas and a range of brands with an international appeal. The company was shaped largely by the two entrepreneurial personalities – privy councillor Philipp Rosenthal and his son Philip Rosenthal – until well into the 1970's. The company is influenced today by the exceptionally close work with leading artists and designers from across the globe. A unique corporate culture has developed upon these foundations – shaped by design and the encounter with art and culture – stretching from product development to brand image and architecture to the corporate CI and the promotion of cultural projects.

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