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Wedding Table decorated with Rosenthal Francis Carreau tableware

Rosenthal in Love

Weddings can vary greatly, from lavish, all-white affairs to simple, intimate ceremonies. Unique venues, themes, and personalized decor and table settings add distinctive touches to weddings of all sizes. From vintage love stories to boho chic or enchanting midsummer nights, there are countless ways to create a wedding that's as unique and individual as the couple themselves. Just as the couple’s life journey will be personal, the emotional experience of their wedding can be tailored to their desires.

Boho Chic

Junto Tableware

Couples choosing a boho wedding seek a relaxed and unconventional atmosphere. Using natural elements like real candles and artistic floral arrangements with wildflowers, branches, or pampas grass, they achieve a casual yet sophisticated chic style. Whether the ceremony takes place indoors or outdoors—on the beach, in a barn, or at a country house—a bohemian wedding is all about embracing romance and creating a lively, festive ambiance for guests.

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Vintage deluxe


For the trendiest weddings today, incorporating something blue, something new, and especially something old is essential. Retro weddings are all the rage, focusing on vintage styles that exude charm and nostalgia. From the setting and attire to the decor, old items find new life, bringing together fabric napkins, heavy silver cutlery, antique candlesticks, embroidered tablecloths, and porcelain pieces that evoke a sense of yesteryear. The classic Maria by Rosenthal adds an elegant retro touch to the wedding table and shares one of the most beautiful love stories. Philipp Rosenthal named this world-renowned porcelain after his beloved wife Maria. Introduced in 1916, it quickly became a design icon.

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Elegance & Zeitgeist

TAC Skin Platin

This wedding beautifully blends clean, timeless elegance with contemporary flair and understated sophistication. The couple and their guests appreciate the urban chic of the big city, preferring it to rustic warmth. Rooftop bars, industrial buildings, and lofts make ideal venues for this refined celebration. Modern practicality is elevated with chic decorations, featuring candlesticks and cutlery in precious metals alongside geometric, sleek tables and crockery for a stylish touch. It's the perfect setting for Rosenthal's TAC Skin Platin collection, which merges modern and classic design with grace. Alternating plain and colorful checkered patterns and a delicate gold trim evoke a kaleidoscope effect, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

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Midsummer Night's Dream

Heritage Turandot

Once upon a time, a bride and groom decided to celebrate their special day in the enchanting style of a midsummer night's dream, bringing their childhood fantasies to life. The ambiance was purely romantic, capturing the hearts of lovers and guests alike. With loving floral arrangements and exquisite details, the venue became a dreamy landscape, whether indoors or outdoors. Drawing inspiration from Giacomo Puccini's opera, the Turandot pattern from Rosenthal's Heritage collection shares the same name, telling poetic stories on porcelain and elevating any festive table with its enchanting charm.

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Countryside Chic

Brillance Grand Air

It doesn't always have to be a barn, but it certainly can be! An outdoor wedding in nature and a hearty dose of romance creates a memorable country house-style celebration. Whether set in a charming country estate in Provence, or an open field beneath a starry sky adorned with fairy lights, the natural elements and rustic charm foster a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Materials like linen, wood, and glass provide a grounded setting, while delicate floral arrangements add a touch of elegant festivity. Soft, pastel hues such as apricot, cream, or rosé are essential to the country house aesthetic, complementing the bride and groom's presence. The iconic Brillance service Grand Air embodies elegant country house style with romantic charm, showcasing delicate wild flowers such as cornflower, pansies and daisies in the picturesque flowerbed intertwined on pristine white bone china. The almost transparent porcelain body underlines the elegance and lightness of the graceful floral décor.

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Christmas in July

Celebrate the magic of Christmas in the heart of summer with our exclusive collection of tableware, decorations, and accessories. Whether you're planning a festive summer party or looking to add a touch of holiday spirit to your home, our curated selection has everything you need. Embrace the unique charm of Christmas in July and make your summer unforgettable.

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"Consumer articles and objects of art have only maintained their cultural and material value over the centuries if they were designed as contemporary objects of their era – but never as imitations. We therefore only work with artists and designers who may well represent differing directions, but have all dedicated themselves to designing contemporary originals of our times."

Philip Rosenthal, 1962


Rosenthal has continually developed its collections to meet the requirements of global markets and modern consumers. Each of the successful Rosenthal brands, including the Rosenthal studio-line with design oriented, avant-garde services and objects of art in porcelain and glass, the Rosenthal classic with its timelessly beautiful, elegant porcelain collections and Thomas, the "Trend Factory" with design oriented consumer porcelain, offers contemporary and high quality products. The extensive product range is complemented by the lifestyle collection Rosenthal meets Versace with its luxurious porcelain services and exclusive gift ideas.


Over 140 years an extraordinary, richly diverse company has grown in the town of Selb/Upper Franconia, that today is one of the leading suppliers worldwide for contemporary, innovative design for the tabletop, home interiors and gift areas and a range of brands with an international appeal. The company was shaped largely by the two entrepreneurial personalities – privy councillor Philipp Rosenthal and his son Philip Rosenthal – until well into the 1970's. The company is influenced today by the exceptionally close work with leading artists and designers from across the globe. A unique corporate culture has developed upon these foundations – shaped by design and the encounter with art and culture – stretching from product development to brand image and architecture to the corporate CI and the promotion of cultural projects.

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