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Thomas Nature Sand Dinner plate, 10 3/4 inch

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Shipped in 1-3 working days

Thomas Nature Sand Dinner plate, 10 3/4 inch

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Shipped in 1-3 working days

This fine Thomas dinnerware is called Nature Sand. It is produced using the finest stoneware creating a style that is best described as natural and handcrafted. The dinner plate measures 10 1/3 inch. The most prominent color of this item is beige. This piece is decorated with a most beautiful relief and makes you 'feel the difference'.

Dishwasher safe - With this decor the colors are melted into the glaze at 1000 degrees C. Here the glaze softens and the decor sinks into it, thus making color and luminosity indestructible. It is scratch- and wear-resistant. However, gold decors are not totally scratch resistant by virtue of their natural material properties. This decor was tested by the Rosenthal Institute for Material Technology (IWT). It is dishwasher safe.

Microwave suitable - This item can safely be used in the microwave.

Thomas Nature

Whether it's a walk in the fresh air or some time out by the sea with your toes in the sand, nature offers countless opportunities to escape your daily routine and re-energize. The six-part special collection Thomas Nature, available in three colors, is focused on functionality and naturalness, brought together by an earthy material: stoneware. A line structure that is broader in the center and dissolves outwards gives the plates and cups an authentic character and a handmade look. The Sand, Water and Leaf tones harmoniously reflect the natural color spectrum and thus bring an affinity for nature to the table in a trend-conscious and beautiful manner - be it evenly tone-on-tone or individually mixed.


Sand's fine grey-beige tone is captivating with its harmoniously pure subtlety. The tone awakens a longing for the bright, clear expanses of North Frisian beaches, which impart an easy-going attitude to life. Combined with the warm, earthy tone of the stoneware, the color glaze is peaceful and soothing and conveys timeless tranquility.

Hand glazed - each Thomas Nature item has an individual appearance.

Functionality with an authentic hand-made look – Thomas Nature brings the love of nature to the table fashionably and beautifully. In the colours Sand, Water, Leaf and Coral.

  • Brand: Thomas
  • Collection: Thomas Nature
  • Series: Sand
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Decor: Sand
  • Item number: 21730-227070-60227
  • Year of introduction: 2019
  • Food contact safe: true

  • Shape of item: Round
  • Height: 1 1/2 inch
  • Width: 10 1/2 inch
  • Internal diameter: 0 inch
  • Internal length: 0 inch
  • Internal width: 0 inch
  • Length: 10 1/2 inch
  • Diameter: 10 1/2 inch
  • Weight of article: 1.83 lbs

  • EAN: 4012436515146
  • Dishwasher suitability: Dishwasher Safe
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Number of prongs: null
  • Number of items in kit: null
  • product.techspecs.num_in_cm_length_of_packaging: 0,00 cm
  • Weight of packaging: 7/32 lbs
  • Package weight: 2.04 lbs
  • COO: CN
Microwave safe
This product can safely be used in the microwave.
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