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TAC Stripes 2.0 titan. Bread & Butter Plate, 6 1/4 inch

Shipped in 1-3 working days

TAC Stripes 2.0 titan. Bread & Butter Plate, 6 1/4 inch

Shipped in 1-3 working days

This fine Rosenthal dinnerware is called TAC Stripes 2.0. It is produced using the finest porcelain creating a style that is best described as modern and design oriented. The bread & butter plate measures 6 1/4 inch. The most prominent color of this item is silver.

Dishwasher suitable - With this decor the colors are burnt onto the glaze at a minimum temperature of at least 750 degrees C. The use of robust colors achieves such a strong lesion with the glaze that the dishwasher is most unlikely to do any damage to the decor. Dishwasher tests in the Rosenthal Institute for Material Technology (IWT) have proved the excellent durability of the decor. The service can be washed in the dishwasher economy cycle (55 degrees C). Please pay particular attention to the instructions of the dishwasher and detergent manufacturers on the suitability of their products.

Microwave suitable - This item can safely be used in the microwave.

TAC Stripes 2.0

The Stripes 2.0 line design is an homage to Walter Gropius, reinterpreted with a contemporary feel. His hand- drawn design appears more linear because there are bigger gaps between the individual lines. A new modern, urban and simplistic design is brought to the classic TAC in mix and match, with matte and shiny surfaces, shimmering metallic parts and colored glass. The design is supplemented by color and facade elements taken from the Rosenthal am Rothbu?hl porcelain factory, which was designed by Walter Gropius. For this, the Rosenthal Creative Centre took photographs of pieces of the legendary exposed concrete butterfly roof and placed them on a wall plate with a 3D effect. The collection?s accentuated red tone, which is depicted on the glass plates and as a dot on the porcelain, was inspired by a railing at the factory. The Stripes 2.0 design draws on historical references, a building of immense appeal and a unique mix of structures and materials that is characteristic of Bauhaus to capture the essence of the Bauhaus movement and its founder Walter Gropius and create an amalgamated statement of clarity and existence for the here and now.

TAC - Rosenthal studio-line: set classic in Bauhaus style

  • Brand: Rosenthal
  • Collection: TAC
  • Series: Stripes 2.0
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Decor: Stripes 2.0 titan.
  • Item number: 11280-403262-10216
  • Year of introduction: 2019
  • Food contact safe: true

  • Shape of item: Round
  • Height: 1/4 inch
  • Width: 6 1/4 inch
  • Internal diameter: 0 inch
  • Internal length: 0 inch
  • Internal width: 0 inch
  • Length: 6 1/4 inch
  • Diameter: 6 1/4 inch
  • Weight of article: 0.41 lbs

  • EAN: 4012434706416
  • Dishwasher suitability: Dishwasher Safe
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Number of prongs: null
  • Number of items in kit: null
  • product.techspecs.num_in_cm_length_of_packaging: 0,00 cm
  • Weight of packaging: 3/16 lbs
  • Package weight: 0.62 lbs
  • COO: DE
Ständige Sammlung Centre Georges Pompidou 1992
Year: 1992
Issued by: Centre Georges Pompidou | Paris | Frankreich
Dineus 2019
Year: 2019
Issued by: Callway Verlag | München | Germany
IF Design Award 1970
Year: 1970
Issued by: iF International Forum Design GmbH | Hannover | Germany
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