Soup Plates Set, 4 pieces, 9 1/2 inch | TAC 02 Skin Platinum

Soup Plates Set, 4 pieces, 9 1/2 inch | TAC 02 Skin Platinum

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SKU: 11280-403239-10004
Service for: 4 Dinner Guests
Color: Platinum
Decoration: Geometric Forms
Style: Modern & Design
Size: 8 - 12 inch
Pattern: TAC 02 Skin Platinum
Material: Porcelain
Product: Sets
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Dishwasher suitable - With this decor the colors are burnt onto the glaze at a minimum temperature of at least 750 degrees C. The use of robust colors achieves such a strong lesion with the glaze that the dishwasher is most unlikely to do any damage to the decor. Dishwasher tests in the Rosenthal Institute for Material Technology (IWT) have proved the excellent durability of the decor. The service can be washed in the dishwasher economy cycle (55 degrees C). Please pay particular attention to the instructions of the dishwasher and detergent manufacturers on the suitability of their products.