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Rosenthal stemware

Types of wine glasses

To bring out the full flavors and aromas of your wine, the right choice of wine glasses is essential! At Rosenthal, we offer diverse glass collections, including the opulent Versace series, combining elegance, craftsmanship, and functionality to enhance every wine's unique characteristics. From the robust structure of Bordeaux glasses to the delicate curves of white wine glasses, our expertly designed stemware elevates both everyday enjoyment and special occasions. Discover the unparalleled fusion of tradition and innovation in our wine glasses, and savor the elegance of Rosenthal and Versace.

Two hands holding wine glasses with red wine in a vineyard background

Wine glasses: which one to use?

Types of Red Wine Glasses: Perfecting the Pour with Rosenthal and Versace Stemware

Choosing the right red wine glass is essential for unlocking the full potential of your favorite vintages. Rosenthal and Versace offer a range of exquisitely crafted red wine glasses designed to enhance every nuance of flavor and aroma. For bold, full-bodied wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, our Bordeaux glasses feature tall, broad bowls that allow the wine to breathe and develop its complexity. The Burgundy glass, with its wide and round bowl, is ideal for more delicate red wines such as Pinot Noir, capturing and concentrating their subtle fragrances. Each glass in our collection combines aesthetic beauty with meticulous design, ensuring an unparalleled tasting experience for the discerning wine enthusiast. Of course, one can choose a universal red wine glass like our favorite TAC Red wine glass. To enhance the red wine's flavor and aroma, one can use decanters allowing the wine to breathe and separate from any sediment.

Types of White Wine Glasses: Elevate Your Experience with Rosenthal and Versace Stemware

The elegance of white wine is best appreciated in the right glass, where form meets function. At Rosenthal and Versace, our selection of white wine glasses is crafted to enhance the distinct characteristics of each varietal. Our Chardonnay glasses feature a slightly larger bowl, allowing rich and full-bodied wines to breathe and release their intricate aromas. For crisp and aromatic wines like Sauvignon Blanc, our glasses with a narrower bowl maintain the wine's cooler temperature and direct the fresh, fruity scents to your nose. Rosenthal TAC White Wine Riesling is a good example for a smaller white wine glass with a concave shape of the chalice. Each piece from our collection merges sophisticated design with practical functionality, ensuring every sip is a celebration of the finest in white wine.

The classic white wine

Chardonnay wine glass

Slightly smaller than red wine glasses with a narrower bowl to preserve the cooler temperature and concentrate the aromas.

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