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Unique coffee enjoyment with The Mug+ mugs by Rosenthal

Whether you prefer the cool taste of cold-brewed coffee, a creamy latte macchiato, or a hot herbal tea, Rosenthal's latest design gem, The Mug+ mug, turns all these moments into true gourmet experiences. As a new Rosenthal collection, The Mug+ combines the best of design, quality, and functionality.

The modern design, smooth lines, contemporary color scheme, and optimal functionality make the Rosenthal The Mug+ coffee mugs the ideal companions for the office and everyday life. Enjoy a new level of beverage enjoyment with The Mug+!

Design meets functionality: Discover the mug collection by Rosenthal

Rosenthal's The Mug+ mug collection brings something truly special to the table. These statement mugs are more than just a vessel—they are an expression of aesthetics and function, united in a timeless porcelain design. The precise and smooth lines, combined with a sleek, silky surface, elevate everyday coffee or tea moments to a sensory experience.

The new The Mug+ mugs by Rosenthal embody the ideal fusion of aesthetic elegance and practical handling. With their purist lines and silky smooth porcelain surface, the handleless mugs sit comfortably in the hand and create an experience for all the senses. With a matte finish on the outside and a glazed interior, the handleless mugs bring together design and function.

The Mug+ double-walled mugs with innovative thermal and cooling function

The thoughtful double-walled design ensures the perfect temperature: cold drinks stay refreshing in the double-walled mugs, while hot drinks like coffee and tea retain their warmth. Additionally, the innovative design protects the hands from extreme cold and heat. Rosenthal, known for its tableware collections for nearly 145 years, is synonymous with quality and style. The Mug+ once again brings everyday luxury into our hands and celebrates the relaxing moments of the day.

The Mug+ color world: Matte finish meets modern colors

Elegant design meets pure minimalism: The modern porcelain mugs from Rosenthal impress not only with their smooth porcelain construction and intelligent double-walled design but also with their stylish color scheme.

While the matte exterior shines in timeless shades of Comfort Blue and Gentle Grey, the coffee mugs also offer bold contrasts in black and white. These color combinations, combined with the glossy porcelain interior, unite modern minimalist spirit and pure elegance.

Standing at a height of 11 cm and with a capacity of 300 ml, the porcelain mugs are also practical companions. Whether alone in your home office, at the office, or with friends around the coffee table, the mugs seamlessly fit into any environment while always making a stylish statement—true to the company's philosophy of turning everyday objects into works of art that combine enjoyment and aesthetics.

Buy The Mug+ porcelain mugs in the Rosenthal USA Online shop

If you're looking for high-quality mugs that allow you to enjoy both hot coffee and iced coffee, The Mug+ is the perfect choice. These porcelain mugs impress with their silky-soft touch, keeping cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm for longer. They make design statements both on their own and in combination with other dishes in your cupboard.

In addition to the mug collection, you can find a wide selection of glasses and carafes in unique Rosenthal designs in our online shop. Explore Rosenthal's design worlds, ranging from iconic tableware collections to table accessories to premium cutlery collections.

Let Rosenthal's design ideas inspire you and discover Rosenthal's innovations and design collections that offer the perfect Rosenthal products for every taste.

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