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China Wedding dinnerware from Rosenthal

How to choose the perfect wedding tableware

Planning your perfect day starts with a vision, and the right dinnerware is essential to bring that vision to life. Whether you dream of a celebration wrapped in romance, a day dripping with elegance, a vibrant color-filled festivity, a relaxed boho affair, or a fairy-tale come true, Rosenthal has the ideal tableware collection to complement your wedding theme. Let Rosenthal help you reflect your unique style and make your special day unforgettable with our exquisite range of wedding dinnerware.

Rosenthal Heritage Turandot dinnerware in a fancy fairy-tale wedding atmosphere

How to choose the perfect wedding tableware?

Selecting the ideal tableware for your wedding intertwines aesthetics with functionality, setting the tone for your celebration. Begin by aligning your tableware with the overall theme and color scheme of your wedding, ensuring it complements the atmosphere you wish to create. Quality matters; choosing durable, high-quality porcelain, bone china or stoneware from Rosenthal not only adds sophistication but also ensures your tableware stands as a lasting keepsake. Consider mixing textures and patterns to add depth and interest to your settings, turning your wedding meal into an integral part of the unforgettable experience. With the right choices, your tableware will reflect the unique spirit and elegance of your special day.

Rosenthal Maria

Romantic Wedding Dinnerware

For couples dreaming of a wedding enveloped in romance, Rosenthal's Maria porcelain dinnerware collection offers the perfect blend of timeless beauty and subtle elegance. This iconic collection, available in four delicate shades - Maria White, Maria Pale Orchid, Maria Pale Mint and Maria Dream Blue - provides a versatile palette to complement any romantic wedding theme.

Whether you're planning an intimate garden ceremony or a grand ballroom celebration, the Maria collection in its charming color variations offers the flexibility to create a truly personalized and romantic setting. Let Rosenthal help you celebrate your love with elegance and poetic vintage beauty, making your wedding day not only memorable but also magically romantic.

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Rosenthal Junto Dinnerware

Boho Wedding Dinnerware

For the couple who dreams of a boho wedding, Rosenthal's Junto dining collection is the epitome of bohemian chic. This exquisite collection seamlessly blends the finest porcelain with sensuous stoneware, offering a unique opportunity to mix and match materials for a truly personalized table setting.

The Junto collection captures the essence of bohemian style with its organic shapes and the harmonious interplay between glossy and matte surfaces. Its variety of colors, ranging from Porcelain ocean blue to Stoneware slate grey, allows for a creative and eclectic tablescape that speaks to the free-spirited nature of a boho wedding. Each piece's artisanal quality ensures that your wedding dinnerware is as unique as your love story.

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Junto Dining Collections in finest porcelain & sensuous stoneware

Rosenthal TAC Collections

Elegant Wedding Dinnerware

Elevate your elegant wedding with the refined sophistication of Rosenthal's TAC collections, designed to bring a touch of timeless elegance to any nuptial occasion. Whether your theme exudes classical grace or modern luxury, these collections are crafted to enhance the beauty of your special day.

The Rosenthal TAC White collection is the epitome of understated elegance, featuring pure white porcelain with clean, contemporary lines. This classic choice provides a perfect canvas, allowing your culinary creations to take center stage while seamlessly blending with any decor.

For those seeking a touch of opulence, the Rosenthal TAC Skin Gold offers an exquisite blend of durability and luxury. This collection boasts a delicate gold pattern on white porcelain, adding a glamorous shimmer that catches the light with every course served. It's perfect for adding a warm, radiant glow to your table settings.

Alternatively, the Rosenthal TAC Skin Platinum collection brings a sleek and modern aesthetic with its platinum detailing. This option adds a hint of cool sophistication to the tablescape, perfect for couples who desire a chic, contemporary look.

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Rosenthal Heritage Turandot

Fairy-Tale Wedding Dinnerware

Create a magical dining experience at your fairy-tale wedding with Rosenthal's Heritage Turandot collection. Inspired by mythical stories and oriental art, this exquisite porcelain dinnerware features rich colors and intricate designs that evoke the luxury of ancient palaces. Each piece is crafted to add a touch of royal elegance to your tablescape, making it perfect for couples who envision their special day filled with romance and enchantment.

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Versace Porcelain & Rosenthal Bone China

Colorful Wedding Dinnerware

For couples who envision a wedding bursting with color and life, the vibrant dinnerware collections from Versace and Rosenthal offer the perfect palette to complement your joyful celebration.

Versace's Butterfly Garden, Jungle Animalier, and Barocco Mosaic infuse your tables with bold, dynamic designs, perfect for a lively celebration. Each pattern offers a distinct flair—whether it’s the whimsical butterflies and florals, adventurous animal prints, or luxurious mosaics.

For a more understated elegance, Rosenthal's Bone China collections, including Brillance Fleurs des Alpes, Brillance Fleurs Sauvages, and Brillance Grand Air, feature delicate botanical prints that bring a touch of nature’s beauty to your settings. These collections provide a softer palette that complements any vibrant, joyous wedding atmosphere.

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