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Rosenthal Dinnerware

Rosenthal premium dinnerware comes in various shapes, colors and sizes. From formal & elegant to modern & design or from everyday & casual to luxurious & glamorous or to floral & romantic - each Rosenthal brand brings something unique and beautiful to the table.

Dinnerware by Category

Every occasion calls for a different table setting. Browse our dinnerware and tabletop items by category: Formal & Elegant Dinnerware, Modern & Design Dinnerware, Casual & Simple Dinnerware, Luxurious & Glamorous, Stemware or Coffee & Tea.

Rosenthal Dinnerware by Brand

Rosenthal is actually not only Rosenthal. Rosenthal is rather the head of a brand family with the following members: Versace, Thomas, Swarovski and, of course, Rosenthal itself. Every single brand offers a unique style and design philosophy while being produced under those well known German quality standards.

Best Selling Dinnerware

Rosenthal proudly presents: Our all time best selling premium dinnerware patterns. Stunning dinnerware collections chosen for our valued customers from our valued customers.

Does Your Dinnerware Make You Hungry for More?

Rosenthal porcelain dinnerware, with its superior artistry and fine craftsmanship, has been transforming tables and making meals enjoyable the world over. Our elegant dinnerware and tableware sets inspire you to set a beautiful table and entertain more often. Explore our broad range of European dinnerware known for their award winning designs, superior quality, and excellent functionality. Whether you want to create an opulent ambiance at your table or add a bit of style and color, we have many tableware options to bring the joy back into every meal.

Ceramic Dinnerware with the Rosenthal Touch

We offer an excellent collection of ceramic dinnerware to give you a dining experience that’s second to none. We understand the precision and attention that goes into cooking every meal, which is why we want you to have the perfect dishes and cutlery to create a wonderful ambiance at your dinner table or barbecue. We’re passionate about creating elegant dinnerware using a combination of handmade processes and cutting-edge technology. All Rosenthal dinnerware sets, plates, bowls and dishes are designed for durability. With our unique manufacturing processes and close collaboration with leading artists, we have created exceptional looking tableware that will make every meal special.

High-End Dinnerware Collections

We are committed to designing and manufacturing premium-quality bone china dinnerware that stimulates the senses and meets the needs of modern day consumers. We have an extensive collection of timeless and innovative tableware sets that suit every style. Browse through our range of the best dinnerware brands.

  • Rosenthal Studio-Line and Classic Dinnerware—premium materials with timeless designs. With beautiful plates, cups, mugs, and platters, this collection has been perfectly designed and themed to make every meal look stunning.
  • Rosenthal meet Versace—luxurious and exquisite Versace designs backed by Rosenthal’s high-quality craftsmanship. The Versace collection reflects Rosenthal’s commitment to creating high-end dinnerware and stylish gifts for the discerning consumer. Choose from a variety of tableware sets with Greek textures and design elements that are sure to make every head turn.
  • Thomas Dinnerware—simple and chic shapes and designs, ideal for your daily dinnerware needs. With their exceptional style and premium quality, these European dinnerware sets are ready to make your ordinary meals a little more interesting.

Dinnerware Re-Imagined

Our best dinnerware brands combine a mix of aesthetics and fine-quality materials. Whether it be everyday dining or entertaining, our tableware is a must-have for those who like to sit down to well-presented meals. Our award-winning porcelain designs and beautiful lifestyle collections add a touch of elegance to your table. Our uncompromising commitment to quality has made us a household name. We’re passionate about creating something unique and beautiful, transforming dinner tables into fine works of art.

The Rosenthal Difference

Whether you’re a traditionalist, a collector, a luxury lover or a modern day aesthete, you’ll find the best dinnerware brands right here under our roof. We have been designing iconic and trendsetting tableware since 1879 and have just the right collections for design-loving people. Our collections will make you fall in love with your dinnerware day after day. They’ve been designed to last long and showcase your food in the best possible way. They’re versatile, and even scratch and wear-resistant. Rosenthal china dinnerware performs at the highest level. You can mix and match items from our ceramic dinnerware collections to create new looks for your menus. Whether you have a need for designer stemware, luxurious dinnerware, flatware, or stunning platters, browse through our diverse range and get ready to wine and dine in pure elegance.

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