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Welcome to rosenthal customer service


1. The Clients have the right to return the products purchased on Rosenthal Sambonet USA LTD. websites without being compelled to provide justification. No penalties shall be charged in this case. Return deadline is 100 calendar days from date of invoice/delivery or longer, if specific laws in force in the Country of destination rule so.

2. Upon receipt of Rosenthal Sambonet USA LTD. products, the purchase agreement shall be considered cancelled to all intents and purposes. The related duties, rights, or claims of responsibility shall be repealed. If returned products are damaged, Rosenthal Sambonet USA LTD. will have the right to compensate such damages with the payment already submitted by the Clients.

3. In addition to what paragraphs 1. and 2. of section 6 state, the right of withdrawal is subject to the following constraints:

  a) in order for the Clients to be authorized to return products to Rosenthal Sambonet USA LTD., they will have to contact Rosenthal Sambonet USA LTD. customer care by means of the “Return” functionality to be found on the websites. Deadline is 100 calendar days from date of invoice/delivery;

  b) after having been cleared for return, products will have to be shipped to Sambonet Paderno Industrie S.p.A. according to regulations shown in the websites “Return” section. In case the returning shipment fails to reach its factory, Rosenthal Sambonet USA LTD. will ask the Clients to provide exhibits of shipment, specifically the document signed by the person within the Company who received the returning shipment. In case the Clients fail to provide such exhibits, Rosenthal Sambonet USA LTD. will not allow any refund;

  c) the returning products must be unused, unspoilt, and undamaged;

  d) the product must be provided with its intact identification tag;

  e) the product must be returned in its original packaging, and must be provided with its accessories and/or user manuals if originally included.

4. As soon as Rosenthal Sambonet USA LTD. is able to acknowledge the fact that return constraints have been respected, the Clients will be forwarded an email giving them confirmation of return acceptance. Contextually, the refund procedure will start. The Rosenthal Sambonet USA LTD. commitment in this regard is to make sure that the Clients are refunded 30 days from date of refund request, regardless of the payment options the Clients selected upon payment. Products refund will always be performed on behalf of the Clients who actually submitted the payment.

5. In case the abovementioned conditions are not respected, the Clients will not be refunded by Rosenthal Sambonet USA LTD. Nevertheless, Clients only right is to ask for products redelivery, at their own risk and at their expense. If the Clients do not ask for products redelivery 30 days from date of receipt of Rosenthal Sambonet USA LTD. notification, Rosenthal Sambonet USA LTD. will have the right to retain both the products and the related amount.

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