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Rosenthal Andy Warhol Gift Collection

Campbell's Soup

Andy Warhol provoked and changed the world of art like hardly any other. The work entitled Campbell's Soup was created right at the start of his global careerA well-known design adorns the most recent Andy Warhol collectors’ series: The Campbell’s soup tins. According to Warhol he was commissioned by an art dealer in 1961 to paint a picture of the thing that meant most to him. Using templates, Warhol then began producing images of coins and soup tins by the American company Campbell’s – an endeavour which was to pay for his meal tickets for many years to come.

Marilyn Monroe

She was the icon of Hollywood - and Andy Warhol made her an icon of Pop Art: Marilyn Monroe. Eye-catching decorative designs based on the original version of Andy Warhol's famous monroe portrait feature on various accessories.


Andy Warhol celebrated his first success as the pop artist with his flower motifs. The Daisies are among these well-known works. Now they display their bright colors on fine Rosenthal porcelain.


In 1963 Andy Warhol moved into a new studio in New York City that he called "The Factory". This is the place where many of his most famous works were created, including "Elvis". With Andy Warhol's fixation for glitter/glamour, style, famous personalities and fashion, Elvis Presley was a more than a fitting motif for his work. Warhol used a picture of Elvis from the film "Flaming Star" as the starting point for the iconic painting. Years of partnership between Rosenthal and Andy Warhol Foundantion as well as the avant-garde inheritance of the Rosenthal Studio-line live on in this impressive series.


On innumerable trips, Andy Warhol captured his personal take on world-famous landmarks on celluloid, including the Brandenburg Gate, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the New York skyline and the Great Wall of China.