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Thomas Dinnerware by Rosenthal


Over the past few years, the Thomas brand has made a name for itself with uncomplicated, innovatively designed and shapely porcelain ranges and accessories for everyday use. For instance Loft collection. Loft provides an impressive product portfolio to suit every target group.


Rosenthalís new Trends Factory " No:Limit" porcelain collection stands for modern lifestyle, aesthetic design, a simple language form and an edited assortment of multi-functional products. The well-cordinated sizes and shapes provide an ideal service for casual and formal ocassions. The No:Limit program is now available in the five on-trend colors: Pastel blue, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Green, Orange and Red allowing for a No:Limit possibility of combinations.


"Trend" is a modern, functional table and cooking range from design team David Queensberry and Martin Hunt, its finely fluted finish setting it unmistakably apart. Along with classic "Trend White", the range also includes decorative designs in the latest stylish colours. "Trend" also includes the right accessories to accommodate all the latest cooking notions, such as the plain dishes and plates in the "Trend Asia" range. And the successful "Trend" concept moved on even further in 2001


For Purists. Vario has a captivating quality due to its clear form and the possibility of mixing and matching. For example, round and angular plates combine well with each other. The puristic use of forms emphasises its young
and design oriented style.


Mahlzeit is no traditional dinner service as you know it. Rather it is a collection of practical individual pieces, that can be combines however you like it. Tim Maelzer is the most successful cookery book author in Germany, with over 2 million copies sold of his 3 cook books. He stands for traditional cooking but with this extra kick to it.