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studio-line "A la carte": New Design

A la Carte – dining experience par excellence

1 service – 6 different place settings. A NOVELTY!
Perfect design, surprisingly different.

“A la Carte” means choosing freely from a diverse range on offer.

Each place setting looks different, has its own inimitable character – and yet, everything matches wonderfully. Individuality within a group, though not uniformity.
Why opt for only one form when there are so many beautiful forms to choose from?
This ingenious idea is the product of the successful British designer duo Platt & Young.
“A la Carte” is rounded off by a copper-coloured lay plate, bowls and candlestick, all of which, in combination with the collection’s organic shapes, create a festive and extravagant ambience on any laid table.

SCOOP - Design is innovation

A new perspective, a new idea. Genteel, elegant and in lively shapes SCOOP adorns plain and festively laid tables with taste and style. Creative, unconventional and with much feeling for culinary experimentation.

ORIGAMI - Design is vision

Tells tales of fantasy. Tells tales of the desire to surround oneself with beautiful things – and of opposites that apparently attract each other.

TATAMI - Design is inspiration

How ingenious to have so many possibilities. Every creative experiment is sought after, every form of presentation lends the table, the entire room, a highly personal flair.

PONCHO - Design is emotion

It must mean something to you. Design can make the everyday much more glamorous and sensuous. Every moment, every minute can be celebrated in the most delightful way.

PAPYRUS - Design is variation

Enthusiasm instead of nothing but boredom. Design combines pure and lively, organic and expressive shapes to make a unique, sensational language.

NIMBUS - Design is innovation

Subtle and beautiful like sculpture. An arrangement is created from the virtuoso play of the elements, enriching the culture of elegant dining with surprising, never before experienced inspiration.